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HEATSTRIP® is the innovative patio heater and has been specially developed for heating various indoor and outdoor applications. HEATSTRIP® electric patio heaters have a high output and can provide effective and energy-efficient comfort heating for outdoor (covered and partly open) and indoor areas. In addition to electric patio heaters, HEATSTRIP® also has a beautiful gas patio heater.

All HEATSTRIP® patio heater panels come with a 4-year warranty.

The HEATSTRIP® developed by Thermofilm is an extremely efficient electric patio heater, which, unlike many other heaters, is very energy efficient. The heat strips are ultra-thin, do not emit a sharp red glow and can be used in a wide variety of locations.

The HEATSTRIP uses the radiant heat principle. This makes the patio heaters ideal for various outdoor applications. Think of terraces, restaurants, patios, porches, courtyards, balconies and so on. The heat strips are also very suitable for heating warehouses, showrooms or smoking areas.

HEATSTRIP has thought of everything, so there are various accessories to install your HEATSTRIP in a smart and stylish way. Think of built-in bins, extension brackets or the movable position.

The innovative design of HEATSTRIP® ensures a comfortable, even heat distribution, so you can enjoy wonderfully pleasant warmth all year round.