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Mobile heating gas

Siabs Nero Heat 4P

The most effective mobile gas fired radiant heater to heat an outdoor space, powers between 7 and 16kW permit to heat areas up to 30sqm.
It heats directly people and surfaces (such as tables, chairs, floor etc…) like the sun, this permits to achieve an excellent heat comfort even in cold weather.

The NERO HEAT infrared heaters heat an outside area instantly and create a comfortable environment for customers to enjoy the outdoor season longer.


  • Immediate heating

  • Heats only where needed and when needed

  • Mobile

  • Reliable and low maintenance

  • Made in Italy

Article no. 29327
Placement Outside (patio heating)
Power 6,5kW
Gas type Propane G31 - 37mbar
Surface outside 35 - 40m²
Heat source Gas
Control Semi electrical
Color RAL 9005 Black
Brand Siabs
Assembly Mobile tripod
Size Between 50 and 75cm
Wave Short wave infrared