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What is "gasless"?
Gasless is a collective name for techniques in which heat is produced using electricity. Where possible, electricity is generated on or around the building, for example with solar panels on the roof. Many new homes are already very energy efficient and use all electric systems.

National electricity grid
Sometimes too little electricity is generated to heat the house or the building. For example at night or during winter cold. In those cases, all-electric systems use power from the national electricity grid. If too much power is generated, it will be fed back into the national electricity grid. Zero-on-the-meter (NOM)

Everything in your home on electric? Quite a crazy thought that you no longer need gas as a source of energy. But the reality is that gas heating has had its longest time. Stick to your old (read expensive) energy source or make the switch to the new way of heating.

Sun and wind, free energy sources
Use the sun and wind as an energy source and you have the cleanest way of generating energy. Generating electricity yourself is becoming cheaper and simpler and is also very suitable for home use.

Generate energy yourself
Solar panels: already a well-known phenomenon. Small-scale wind energy: is already possible nowadays. Windmill: buying a share in a windmill provides free electricity.

The disadvantages of gas
Gas is no longer the most economical way of heating. Gas is a fossil fuel. Once it runs out. Gas extraction is the cause of subsidence and earthquakes. The import of gas makes us dependent on foreign countries and therefore vulnerable.

The advantages of gasless
You only need 1 utility connection. You save 1 x the costs of standing fees and network. If you live in a low-energy house, the proportion of standing costs is disproportionately high compared to gas consumption.

The benefits of your own energy source
Optimal yield of your self generated electricity. With your own power plant, you will no longer be bothered by annual price increases.