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Elko EP

Convenience serves people, butconvenience is not the only reason to turn your home into a smart home. Durability is also a good motivation to choose equipment that allows you to control the various devices remotely. Both in-house and within your company.

A smart home with Elko EP

With a simple push of a button, various devices can be sent into the room.  This is possible with a wireless remote control from Elko EP. The smart RF can be used for dimming lighting. Also for turning on the heater or for lowering the roller shutters. For each device that you want to control with this wireless remote control, you program your preferred settings. With a simple push of a button you have the right temperature and the right light from outside andbeautiful mood lighting inside. The outreach of this remote control is 200 meters. Do you have an electrically operated garage door or entrance gate on your property? Then you can also opt for a remote control from Elko EP in the form of a keychain. Upon arrival, you can easily arrange access, without having to get out of your car.

A pleasant temperature in the house

Of course, you don't have to base your entire household on a remote control. But a wireless clock thermostat from Elko EP should not be missing.  This allows you to precisely control the temperature in the house. This way, the heating never turns on unnecessarily. That saves you a lot of costs. It is also a lot more sustainable. The advantage of this clock thermostat is that you can use it on all kinds of heat sources. So also on an oil radiator or a panel heater. In addition, you can also control the temperature of the underfloor heating with it. You program the clock thermostat as desired. In doing so, you make use of various options. For example, you can choose separate settings during the week and at the weekend. The temperature is measured every five minutes. As a result, the room always remains stable at the temperature you haveset.

Aswitch on and off automatically

Do you have an electric heater that you want to turn on at certain fixed times? Or do you not want to have to worry about turning off a household appliance? Then the plugin repeater is  the solution. For example, this plug-shaped device is suitable for connecting lighting. But you can also operate access gates and separate heating panels with this. Simply attach the plug-in repeater to the power outlet. Optionally, you can operate the Elko EP system remotely with a special remote control. This remote control can operate up to 32 different plug-in repeaters.

Discover the possibilities of Elko EP for your home

Would you also like to benefit from the convenience of controlling your electronic equipment remotely? Where you also save costs and use energy more efficiently? Please contact Wardenaar. Our specialized staff will provide you with personal, tailor-made advice.  We like to think along with you.  In addition, you choose the devices you want to connect. With Elko EP you get a smart home in your own home.


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