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As a company, do you invest in energy-efficient techniques and sustainable energy? Then use the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) scheme. For your investment you can then deduct 45% of the investment costs from the taxable profit. There is a budget of € 147 million for 2020.

The scheme gives you an average advantage of 11%. In addition to the EIA, you also have the usual depreciation for your energy investments and a lower energy bill.

Energy list

The Energy List is an important part of the EIA scheme. It is important that your investment complies with the description under one of the codes on the Energy List.

Check this with the help of the brochure (pdf) or with the digital search tool with which you can quickly search by code, technology and industry or other keyword, for example. The Energy List contains:

  • clearly defined investments (specific code), and
  • tailor-made investments that yield significant energy savings and meet a savings standard (generic code).

More general information about the Energy List can be found here.

Energielijst 2020

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As already mentioned, an important condition is that your energy-efficient investment fits under a code on the Energy List. If you want to apply for the EIA, make sure you also pay attention to the other conditions.

To request

You can apply for the Energy Investment Allowance via Depending on the type of costs, different terms apply. You can read what these terms are and how to submit the application on the page Applying for an energy investment allowance. There you can also read what you can expect after your application about, for example, receipt and registration, control, decision and corresponding correspondence.

What is new is that we started making correspondence digitally available in eLoket on 8 June 2020. This only applies to EIA notifications submitted on or after June 8, 2020 and not before.

Industries and themes

The EIA offers opportunities for entrepreneurs in various sectors, such as construction, greenhouse horticulture, livestock farming and industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions about the EIA? Check out our answers to the frequently asked questions first.

EIA in practice

Would you like to know who previously used the EIA? Read a selection of practical stories from entrepreneurs who preceded you.


Are you curious about the annual report of the EIA? Or are you looking for more background information? Interesting EIA publications are available for download or as a link.

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