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Infrared heating in the garage

Infrared heating in the garage

During the winter it is really too cold in any garage to spend any time in it. Often the garage is a place that is difficult to heat. Are you going to spend time in the garage, but don't want to sit in the cold? Then infrared heating is the solution for every cold garage. By means of infrared heating you can quickly heat the garage in a cheap way.

Why infrared heating in the garage?

The infrared heating garage is actually no more than an electric heater in the garage. The central heating is no longer needed for this, because it really only wastes energy and money. In contrast to the central heating, the panels of the infrared heating are already warm within a few minutes. So you save a lot of money with infrared heating in the garage. Given today's rising energy costs, this is certainly important.

Advantages of infrared heating in the garage

The biggest advantage of infrared heating in garage is the low energy consumption. The panels heat up quickly and therefore do not need to be switched on well in advance. Within a few minutes you will be nice and warm. The panels also give off heat where you want it. You choose the most important place for this so that no heat is wasted. Of course, this saving also saves on heating costs. Another important advantage of infrared heating is that there is no air displacement. Unwanted particles cannot spread in space.

A sustainable investment

Nowadays, the durability of a product is increasingly important. The infrared panels are much better for the environment, because they last a long time. This immediately saves you in purchase costs. Also for the maintenance of the infrared heating you do not have to do much. There are almost no maintenance costs. There may also be service contracts available for your heating in the garage.

Different types of infrared heaters for the garage

The ideal type of infrared heating depends entirely on the wishes you have. It is often not necessary to constantly heat a garage. In this case, choose panels with a high wattage. Within five minutes you can already feel the warmth of the panels. So it is not necessary to leave the heating on when you are not there. If you regularly use the cold garage, then an infrared garage heating with a low wattage is the best solution. There are different versions available. Let yourself be well advised about this. For example, there are beautiful wall panels or even plinth heating available. The garage can therefore also be stylishly finished.

Easy to install

The electric radiator for the garage can easily be attached to the ceiling or to the wall. A handy hanging system ensures that you can place the panels anywhere in the garage. The number of panels and the size of the heating depends entirely on your wishes and the size of your garage. The electric heating in the garage can be arranged as you wish.

Installing infrared heating in the garage is not complicated. Nevertheless, some preparation is needed. Of course, you decide where you want the garage heater on infrared. If you are handy yourself and drilling is no problem, you can easily install the heating yourself. The panels come with a clear manual. Of course, you can also hire a recognized installation company to install the panels. Once the electric radiator is properly installed in your garage, all you have to do is plug it in. Within a few minutes it is nice and warm in your garage.

Ask for expert advice or a free quote

If you want to know more about heating for the garage, please contact Wardenaar. This recognized installation company is also ready for you for a free quote. This can be done via a form on the website or via e-mail. Of course you can also call. If you are near Zwaagdijk, visit our showroom. We are located at the Perenmarkt 10b. The opening hours can be found on our website.