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Infrared heating on attic

Infrared heating as a solution for a cold attic

A cold attic can be a big problem, especially during the winter months. Fortunately, there is an efficient solution to this problem: infrared heating. Infrared heating to heatan attic gives direct and pleasant warmth, making it pleasant to stay in this room as well.

Infrared heating in the attic

Infrared heating is a durable and efficient way to heat your cold attic toa comfortable temperature. For example, you can choose from various gas infrared heaters. These emit 50% less CO2 than conventional heaters. Prefer electric heating for your attic? That is also possible! You can heat your attic electrically with the electric infrared panels from our wide range. Electric heating in the attic is also a good and of course expensiveoption if you are looking for a cheap way to heat your attic.

How to heat cold attic with infrared

Infrared heating is an efficient way to heat a cold attic. Below is a step-by-step explanation:


  1. Choose the juisto infrared panels for your attic. Take into account the size of the attic and the power of the panels.
  2. Measure the size of the attic and calculate how many panels you need.
  3. Install the panels in the right places in the attic. Consider the best place for infrared heating.
  4. Make the electrical connection according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Also choose infrared heating in the attic

Infrared heating is a good way to turn your cold attic into a pleasant place. It is efficient and the heat is directed directly at the people. In addition, it is easy to install and cheaper to use than other heating solutions. By installing infrared panels in the right places in the attic, you can heat the attic quickly and efficiently after which you can enjoy a comfortable and warm attic.

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