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Hall / wharehouseheating electrical

EZ336 Elztrip 3600W 230V/400V

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Elztrip EZ300

Triple panel radiant heater for warehouses, workshops etc.

  • Recommended installation height 4-18 m

EZ300 is intended for total and supplementary heating in industrial environments such as warehouses, workshops etc.

EZ300 is a triple panel radiant heater with discreet and robust design that blends well with electrical fittings.

  • Max. surface temperature 320°C

  • Output: 3600W - 4500W

  • IP44

Article no. 30471
EAN code 7393410001778
Placement Inside (space heating)
Light type No Glare (no light)
Voltage 400VAC
Power 3600W
Surface indoor Up to 160m²
Heat source Electricity
Color RAL 9016 Traffic white
Brand Frico
Assembly Wall / ceiling mounting
Size Between 150 and 175cm
Wave Mid wave infrared