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Factron QHC06MR 6kW controller (Rec)

QHC06MR 6KW Infrared Heater Controller RF wireless 433mHz (Receiver)

The QHC06MR is a wireless RF receiver which controls the power to Infrared heaters up to a load capacity of 6k Watts. This device is paired with the 3 Zone remote Master Controller QHVCR. Any number of these devices can be in a zone as long as they are within the 100 meter transmit range.

  • Save up to 60% on your energy costs.

  • Operating Voltage 230 Volts AC Single phase.

  • Soft Start.

  • Single channel max load 6Kw.

  • 5 variable power settings 1 – 5, for Energy & Cost Saving.

  • Remote Control via QHVCR wireless RF Controller (Transmitter).

  • RF 433mHz.

  • Range 70 - 100 meters* Long Antenna 30 – 40 meters * Short Antenna * note: Line of sight, obstacles may reduce the range.

  • Motion sensor (PIR) operation.

  • IP Rating: IP56.

  • Dimensions H 200mm x W 180mm x D 120mm.

  • CE certified.

  • Weight 1,5 Kgs.

Article no. 30671