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Heatstrip Max 3600

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HEATSTRIP Max is an electric radiant heater that can be used indoors or outdoors.


  • High output radiant heat

  • Unique Soft-glow heating technology, no dazzling red glow

  • Suitable for permanent use outdoors

  • Low-maintenance and protection against corrosion

  • Powerful incoloy element

  • High quality

  • The minimum mounting height is 2.10 m, for safety reasons. (the radiation panel surface reaches a temperature of at least 550°C) •

  • Australian design, development and assembly

  • IPX5 This means that the Heatstrips are 100% rain and weatherproof

Unique Soft-glow technology

The specially designed and developed Soft-glow heating element produces a very gentle and discrete warmth. There is no dazzling glow, as is the case with other infrared heaters, so you can simply enjoy the warmth in peace.

High quality – two-year replacement guarantee

The HEATSTRIP Max is made of a very robust and high-quality material. This makes the HEATSTRIP Max durable, and it has a long usable life under all conditions. A two-year replacement guarantee is given for both private and commercial use.

Dimensions of appliances (L x W x D) in mm:
2400W: 854x170x80 
3600W: 1184x170x80 

The Heatstrip Max comes standard with a tilting suspension bracket for ceiling and wall mounting.

Article no. 30016
EAN code 9334038002820
Placement Indoor / Outdoor
Light type No Glare (no light)
Voltage 230VAC
Power 3600W
Surface outside 5 - 10m²
Surface indoor 20 - 25m²
Heat source Electricity
Color Silver
Brand Heatstrip
Assembly Wall / ceiling mounting
Size Between 100 and 125cm
Wave Mid wave infrared
Other HT (hightemperature)