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NL Alke AK-HL 30-75 lineair I2EK G25.3 25-50mbar

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Dark Tube heater type AK-HL can be used in many different places. Our tube heaters consist of a burner unit with a built-in "press" fan with a venturi burner. This has the advantage over tube heaters with a fan at the end of the radiation tube that the fan is not exposed to high temperatures.

This benefits the life of the fan and the efficiency of the device. This allows us to create a very long laminar flame that extends far into the radiation tube with an even heat transfer to the radiation tube. The radiation tube is heated to 650 ° C and therefore generates pleasant heat radiation. Another advantage is that the devices are modular in structure and are provided as standard with a power control with which the power output can be regulated between "full" and "half" load.

Benefits of tube heaters:
• Extremely high efficiency more than 90%
• Energy saving up to 60%
• Whisper-quiet operation, no dust swirls or drafts.
• Even and comfortable heat distribution.
• Standard various modular models, linear, u-tube, 90 degrees.
• Standard press fans in burners.
• Standard venturi burners.
• Standard polished aluminum reflectors.
• Standard titanium stabilized burner tubes.
• Standard burner tubes with key/sleeve connection.
• Equipped with a high/low control as standard.
• Heat coverage up to 628 m2
• "Made Holland" products with a long service life.

• Wall / ceiling dark radiator
• Equipped with "full" and "half" load as standard
• Expandable with L-curve or U-curve and under reflectors
• Heating of larger surfaces and higher hanging options
• Can be combined with various switching options

• Industrial buildings, Workplaces, Showrooms, Garage companies, Carpentry factories, Pre-treatment of car damage companies, Spray booth carpentry factories, Garden centers, Distribution centers, Car wash, Sports complexes.

The Alke Tube Heater comes standard with mounting brackets for wall-to-ceiling mounting.


Article no. 21471
EAN code 8720153612043
Placement Inside (space heating)
Light type No Glare (no light)
Power 22,1 / 11,0kW
Gas Natural gas
Gas type Natural gas NL G25.3 - 25mbar
Energy vector Gas
Control Electrical ignition with high / low function
Color Black / grey
Brand Alke
Assembly Wall / ceiling mounting
Size 9660 mm
Weight 73,00 kg
Wave Mid wave infrared