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Mobile heating electrical

Tansun Spotter

The Tansun Spotter is a mobile mobile heater from Tansun, executed with Dr. Fisher Low Glare lamp.
Device dimensions (lxwxh): 430 x 330 x 1140 mm

• Equipped with lockable wheels
• 2 x 1500W switching options
• Equipped with fall protection
• Ideal for emergency situations where heat is needed
• Applicable for drying applications

Construction, industry, garage, party tents, rental, workplaces.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor heating applications.

The Spotter is supplied as standard with an impact-resistant coating and a mobile tripod.

Article no. 23208
EAN code 5060057630648
Placement Inside (space heating)
Light type Low Glare
Voltage 230VAC
Power 3000W
Surface indoor 25W per m²
Heat source Electricity
Color Red
Brand Tansun
Assembly Mobile tripod
Size Between 0 and 50cm
Wave Short wave infrared


 Dr. Fisher low glare 1,5KW lamp

Dr. Fisher low glare 1,5KW lamp

Light type: Low Glare
Voltage: 230VAC
Power: 1500W
€ 55,30

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