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Infrared heating barn

Infrared heating shed

A warm shed is not always necessary. To grab a bike or a tool, the room does not always have to be heated. But if you spend an afternoon in the barn to fix up a chore, it can be pleasant if the barn is heated. You can easily solve this with infrared heating in the barn.

The advantage of infrared heating in the barn

The barn is often separate from the house, a little further in the garden. This means that there is usually no connection with the central heating. In addition, barns are generally not insulated. Heating a barn can therefore be difficult if you want to do it in the traditional way, for example with an ordinary electric heater. If you use a gas-fired or electric infrared heater in the barn, you can be sure that you have energy-efficient heating for the barn. And that you quickly warm up your shed. Even if your barn is less well insulated. This has to do with two factors. Firstly, the infrared heater for the barn heats up very specifically. The air is not heated, but only the place where you are standing or busy. In addition, the heater in the shed heats up very quickly. This saves you a lot of energy compared to a traditional stove.

So you not only have the advantage of a very fast heating, but also an energy-efficient heating. This means that you can heat the barn cheaply.

What types of barn heaters on infrared are there?

If you want to heat the barn on gas or electricity, then the infrared heating for the barn is a great alternative. You can choose from various options. Because even if you build the barn new, you can already take into account the installation of a barn heater on infrared. For example, choose electric underfloor heating for the barn. This is in the form of heat mats that provide heat to the entire floor surface evenly. It is a good solution if you are in the barn for a longer period of time in the winter to work on your hobby.

Are you working in the barn for a shorter period of time, but do you still want to have the barn at a pleasant temperature immediately? For example, at your workbench? Then you can also install an infrared panel in the barn. You can hang this, for example, above your workbench, or on the wall next to it. In this way you directly experience the heat of the sanding stove on infrared.

Can you install the stove for the barn yourself?

The convenience of heating the barn with infrared is not only in the fact that you have an economical stove for the barn. It is also a way of heating that you can install yourself. That means you only have to make sure you have the space to hang the infrared panel in the shed. And that you have a connection point available for the electric variant where you can connect the heater . The infrared panels are supplied with a long electricity cable. This makes it possible, for example, to hang the infrared panel from the ceiling. If you opt for infrared electric underfloor heating and you are handy, you can install this type of infrared heating yourself. But it is also possible to have this done by a professional.

What do you pay attention to if you want to heat the barn electrically?

Firstly, it is important that your barn is connected to the electricity network if you choose the electric variant. In addition, the size of the barn also determines the capacity of the infrared panel you choose. The place where you hang the heater is also  important. If you hang it on the ceiling, then with certain models the maximum distance to heat is 3.5 meters. So keep this in mind if, for example, you have a pointed roof in your shed. Do you work with water in your shed? Then you choose an infrared panel that is splash-proof.

Do you have any questions? We are happy to help you

Do you want to know what the most energy-efficient heating is for your barn? Please contact Wardenaar. We inform you about the various possibilities and advise you on a suitable solution for your barn. We are also happy to answer your questions so that you can make the right choices when purchasing your infrared heating in the barn.