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Infrared heating in greenhouse

Infrared heating conservatory

A conservatory invites you to enjoy the sun in the summer. In winter, this extension can feel a bit chilly, especially if it is not directly connected to the living room, or is not connected to the central heating. For heating the greenhouse, you naturally want an efficient solution. With infrared heating in the conservatory you have found this solution.

Why do you choose infrared greenhouse heating?

You can purchase a gas heater for the conservatory, but that is less effective than placing an infrared heater for the conservatory. The advantage of an infrared heater in the conservatory is that you get a pleasant temperature in a very economical way. The infrared radiation is harmless, but has the property that it heats up quickly. As a result, you only have to turn on the electric heating in the conservatory when you actually sit down in the conservatory. This already saves you a lot of costs. The heating is odourless, no air is moved and, moreover, the air is not heated. As a result, there is no heat loss.

Energy-efficient and effective heating for the conservatory

The infrared heater for the conservatory heats up the objects or people that are in the room. This means that even if the conservatory is completely made of glass and therefore perhaps less well insulated, the space quickly feels pleasant. If you have furniture in the conservatory, it also contributes to keeping the room at the right temperature. The furniture absorbs the heat from the infrared heater and then slowly releases it. So there are even more advantages. During the heating of the infrared panels, they also consume 35% less energy than a traditional electric heater. In addition, you will experience a pleasant temperature sooner, so that you also do not have to turn the heating as high.

How can you heat the conservatory?

Do you have renovation plans and does the conservatory still need to be built? You can then consider installing infrared underfloor heating. You place these thin mats on the floor, over which you place the final floor covering. This can be both laminate and tiles. The entire floor surface is heated evenly. If you want heating for a small conservatory, infrared panels are also a nice solution. These are smooth panels in different colors. You can choose these colours according to the style of your interior. In addition, you also have the option to choose from an infrared panel with a low glow or a no glow. So you may or may not see a soft red glow from the heating when it is on.

Where to install the conservatory infrared heating

The infrared underfloor heating can of course be placed on the floor. But with the panels in the conservatory you have several options. For example, do you have a conservatory with a closed ceiling? Then you hang the conservatory heater that works electrically on the ceiling. Keep in mind that the range of heat from the ceiling panel is a maximum of 3.5 meters. If the roof is made of glass and you have enough space on the walls, hang the infrared panels on the wall. To properly control the temperature, use a thermostat that you connect to the infrared heater. This way you can automatically turn off the heating on at the desired time. Thanks to the rapid heating of the infrared heating, it is enough to turn on the heating fifteen minutes before you want to sit in the conservatory.

How do I install the infrared heater in the greenhouse?

An infrared heater for the conservatory is supplied with hanging brackets. So whether you choose installation on the ceiling of the conservatory or on the wall, this is easy to carry out. The power cable comes without a plug, so you can easily connect the panel to one of the electrical points in the conservatory. If you want to install infrared underfloor heating, then of course a bit more preparation is needed for this. The subfloor should be flat, but the heating mats are thin. So there is no question of a huge height difference if you lay the final floor covering over the underfloor heating. If you are working on a complete renovation of your living room, then it is certainly worth considering to install the infrared underfloor heating not only in the conservatory, but also in the living room itself.


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