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Infrared underfloor heating

Infrared underfloor heating

A warm floor in the house naturally immediately gives a comfortable feeling. If you do not have a fabric floor covering, it may be that the tiled floor or laminate causes extra cold in the living room in the winter months. With infrared underfloor heating in the living room you can remedy that.

Energy-efficient heating of the living room

The heat that is released during infrared heating is also called radiant heat. Only when those waves come into contact with an object or a person, you experience warmth. Heating with infrared is a safe method. The heat even has a positive effect on your muscles if you are close to an infrared panel. But when it comes to an infrared underfloor heating system, you will of course not notice that. What you do experience is that you save up to 60% electricity if you have ir underfloor heating. Because the infrared underfloor heating heats up quickly and efficiently. In addition, the infrared underfloor heating retains the heat well. So you save costs with the infrared underfloor heating because you do not have to run the heating continuously at full capacity.

The difference between traditional and infrared underfloor heating

When installing infrared underfloor heating, a heat mat is used. Traditional underfloor heating heats up via water. This is in the heating pipes that lie under the floor or it goes through cables with the standard electric underfloor heating. The advantage of the infrared heating mats is that the heat is evenly distributed over the entire floor. So you not only experience not only the local heat on the cables or from the pipes, but from the entire floor surface. In addition, the infrared heat mats are thin. As a result, there is hardly any increase in the floor. You also do not need a special subfloor for infrared underfloor heating.

Is infrared underfloor heating suitable as main heating?

Because the heat from the infrared underfloor heating is evenly distributed over the living room, it is suitable as main heating. You have a constant and pleasant temperature in the living room. Do you need additional heating in certain places in the room? Then choose to place an additional infrared panel. This is the case, for example, when you get little sunlight in your living room in the winter. As a result, you may need some extra heat at the bank. Or you want to have a higher temperature at the dining table than in the rest of the living room. In that case, place a separate wall or ceiling panel in the relevant place. You can individually adjust the heat to your needs.

Where can infrared underfloor heating be used?

This heating can be placed under any type of floor. So you can also lay infrared underfloor heating under laminate without any problems. In principle, the infrared heating fits in any room where you want heating. This way you do not have to hang panels on the walls or ceiling for heating. Also, if you are looking for an energy-efficient way to heat your bathroom, you will not experience any problems if you opt for infrared underfloor heating in the bathroom. The floor area of a bathroom is often not that large. So you install infrared underfloor heating for relatively little cost.

Can I install infrared underfloor heating myself?

The handy do-it-yourselfer has no problems when installing an infrared underfloor heating system. Are you not that handy and are you unsure whether you connect the wiring correctly and whether the floor is flat enough? Then call in a professional who specializes in installing infrared underfloor heating. A good installation naturally contributes to the optimal heat result. With a professional approach, you also avoid having to break open the floor again to restore the construction.

Are you going to renovate and do you want to install this energy-efficient underfloor heating? Then take this into account when working out your plans. Then you know exactly how many heating mats you need to buy for the infrared underfloor heating and at which points in the living room or bathroom you connect it.

Expert advice

If you have any questions about the possibilities of infrared underfloor heating in your home, please contact Wardenaar. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can advise you on the suitable solutions. This way you can be sure that you have the heating that you will enjoy for a long time.