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Infrared heating in livingroom

Infrared heating in the living room

We are becoming more and more aware of the way we heat our homes. This also means that more and more thought is being given to alternative heating methods that are more sustainable and cheaper. One of the solutions for this is infrared heating in the living room. This allows you to benefit from a pleasant warmth, at a favorable price.

What is the advantage of infrared living room heating?

The property of infrared heating is that it does not heat indirectly, via the air, but directly releases heat when and where you need it. That means that if you choose to electrically heat the living room with an infrared heater, you will experience the heat much more directly. For example, you can only turn on the electric heater in the living room when you are actually in the room. As a result, you do not have to turn on the infrared living room heating an hour before you come home, as you are used to with a standard central heating. The energy consumption of this type of electric heating in the living room is also low. You use up to 60% less power than with a conventional electric heating of your living room. There are many other advantages:

The advantages of infrared heating in the living room

  • Heating your living room with infrared is healthy. Less dry air due to better humidity.
  • Cost effective. Infrared panels in the living room can only be turned on when you are there (no unnecessary heating costs).
  • Infrared panels are fully electric. You don't need gas to heat your living room.

What kind of infrared heating is there for the living room?

The most well-known way to heat your living room with infrared is a heat panel for the living room. This panel is reminiscent of a radiator, but without the well-known heating pipes. The ir panels for the living room generally have a smooth surface and are available in different colors. If you do not want to have a visible heating element in your living room, you can also opt for electric underfloor heating for the living room. Because the heating also takes place here on the basis of infrared, this is also an energy-efficient and direct way of heating.

What do you choose as a heater in the living room?

Before you place the infrared heater in the living room, it is good to think about the correct layout. The number of heat panels for the living room is of course dependent, among other things, on the size of the room. But also the amount of heat you want in certain places in your living room determines the type of ir panel for the living room. For a constant, stable and comfortable warmth, for example, there are infrared panels that give off a soft heat that feels natural. But if you have infrared underfloor heating in the living room, which gives that same effect, you may need some extra warmth at the window armchair. In that case, choose an additional heat panel in the living room that ensures the desired temperature in this particular place.

Where do you install the infrared panel in the living room?

It seems logical to install the infrared heater for the living room on the wall. And that in itself is true. Especially if you take into account that you can absorb the lower temperature that comes off the walls or the window with heat. On the other hand, it is precisely with infrared heating in the living room that you can make optimal use of the properties of the infrared if you place the panels in the places in the living room where you sit the most. The heating of the living room is focused on the person or on the furniture that is close to the heating. They absorb the heat and gradually release it again.

If you do not have space on the wall, it is also a solution to hang the heat panels from the ceiling. This way you can easily give the entire sitting room a pleasant temperature.

Installing infrared heating in the living room

If you want to heat your living room with infrared, you can easily install the panels yourself. The heaters for the living room come with special hanging brackets and a cable that you can connect to the electricity network. Of course you have to take into account the connection points that you have in the living room for this. The ir panels generally do not give light, but there are also panels that do give a soft light, which can contribute to an atmospheric look in your living room. In any case, take into account the different versions when purchasing. This way you will not be faced with surprises if you have installed the panel. Here's how to install it:

Installing infrared heating in living room step-by-step plan:

Step 1: Determine the location where the infrared heater will be installed in the living room.

Step 2: Marking the boreholes with a spirit level. Determine the alignment of the infrared heater and mark the holes. Always check this twice, so that the heating will not hang crooked.

Step 3: If you have measured it properly, you can drill the holes in the wall or ceiling.

Step 4: Plug plugs into the holes and install the mounting screws on which the infrared heater will hang

Step 5: Hang infrared heating in the living room!

Step 6: Connect electricity. Plug it in or connect the IR heater in the living room directly to the electricity.

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