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Gas infrared heating

Gas infrared heating applications from Wardenaar

Are you looking for a favorable  solution for heating business premises? Whether it is a church building or a warehouse, the infrared heating on gas is the ideal solution for every room. This way of heatingand gas can be used as temporary, but also as permanent heating.

The advantage of infrared heating on gas

The characteristic of gas  infrared heating is that the heating element has a short heating time. This allows you to turn on the infrared heating on gas only when you actually need it. That saves a lot of unnecessary costs. The gas infrared heater is silent and also does not move air. Certainly in a room like a church, or a room where a speaker is speaking, there is no interference or unrest because the stove is on. Thanks to the infrared, the heat is direct and therefore no heating of the air takes place. This also saves 60% in costs compared to traditional heating elements.

How does a gas infrared heater work?

You can get a gas infrared heater in different models. For example, you can mount the stove against the wall, or hang it from the ceiling. That depends on the room where you want to place the infrared heating on gas. With normal heating elements, the air is heated. Infrared gas heating heats the person or object that is near the object. But there is no question of annoying air movement. With the switch modules on the heater, you can easily set the temperature yourself, right before you want the room heated. The infrared panels do not release harmful substances, but provide a pleasant, warm feeling.

Cost-effective heating in every room

Heating large and high spaces can be a major drain on your budget. Especially when it comes to old buildings, or spaces that are less well insulated. Because it takes a long time for the air to heat up, you create heat that is actually lost. The infrared heater on gas has such a return due to the efficient way of heating that you have earned back your investment within two to three years. The exact time of course depends on the type and size of the installation you choose. In addition, almost half of the investment costs are still tax deductible due to the Energy Investment Deduction. In addition to lower costs, you therefore have a double advantage due to the tax regulations.

A gas infrared emitter for every occasion

There are also plenty of options for smaller rooms to opt for a gas infrared heater. For example, you can hang a terrace heater for your terrace, in the form of a parasol heater, or a panel that you hang on the wall or ceiling. You can even choose from a heating panel that emits no light.

Are you unsure about gas or electricity? Be sure to check out our electric infrared heating. You can also  contact Wardenaar for this. Do you have questions about the different possibilities? Do you want to know whether it is better to opt for an infrared heater on gas or on electricity? Please  contact  us. We are happy to help you.



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