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Electric infrared heating

Electric infrared heating applications from Wardenaar

Electric heating with infrared comes in many different types. In addition,  electric  infrared heating can be used in large and small rooms. The common feature is that it becomes comfortably warm. Discover here everything about the many infrared heating applications on electricity  from  our range.

Where can you install electric infrared heating?

Thanks to the handy hanging systems, you can place the infrared electric heating systems  in any desired room. For example, you can opt for an electric ceiling heater if you want to incorporate the panels into the ceiling plates. You hardly see any of the  electric heating elements anymore, but you do benefit from the heat. If installing on the ceiling is not an option, then choose to attach the radiant heater with infrared to the wall. Some infrared electric heaters, which are suitable as terrace heating, can be placed separately in the room. You can also use these mobile models if, for example, you need heating in a room that is not often used.

Economical electric heating infrared

One of the characteristics of the electric infrared heater is that you save energy. You benefit from this saving on a few points. First, the heating time of an infrared electric heater is short. You do not turn on the heating until you need the space. This saves a lot of money. Compared to traditional heating, this can save 60% in costs. The elements not only heat up quickly, but you also heat up much more directly. With electric heating, you achieve the feeling of comfort much earlier. You do not heat the air that hangs in the room for an unnecessarily long time. For example, the heating can be set down by up to five degrees. This also contributes to cost savings.

Different types of electric infrared heaters

Are you looking for electric heat panels for a business space, or for your garage? In the Wardenaar range you will always find a suitable solution. Large buildings, such as a church or warehouse space, require a  different infrared electric heating  solution than a classroom, or a sports stand. Thanks to the technique of targeted heating, it is also possible for these large, open spaces to bring the temperature to a warm and comfortable level;all on electricity. For example, the double panel heaters are very suitable for  large industrial buildings and department stores. The  electric heat strip is a nice solution for a more compact living room or conservatory. You can choose from  electrical panels that emit a red glow, or electric dark emitters  where you do not see a glow.

Choose the radiant heater with infrared that suits you

In addition to the fact that you can choose from different models, there are more options in the field of energy supply. In addition to our  electric infrared heating  on gas, you can also think  of infrared heating on gas, both have their own advantages. Characteristic are that themodels areenergy efficient and suitablefor  almost all different business premises.

If you would like more information about which type of infrared heating is most suitable for your company or building, you can of course contact  us. We are happy to inform you about the various possibilities. Both in terms of tax advantages, and about the specific properties of infrared heating.


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