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Parasolheating gas

Infrared terrace heating gas

Enjoy a summer evening on the terrace. That sounds nice, but if it cools down quickly, then the fun is short-lived. With infrared terrace heating on gas you can stay outside longer. Because thanks to this solution you will have it pleasantly warm throughout the evening.  

A professional infrared  solution for the hospitality industry

A warm welcome for your guests is no problem with professional terrace heating on gas. For example, you choose an infrared heater for under the canopy. This heater has a number of advantages. Firstly, the heater heats up very quickly. So even if your guests take a seat immediately after you have turned on the gas heater under the canopy, they will immediately enjoy the heat. In addition, an infrared terrace heating on gas gives very targeted heat. It is not the outside air that is heated, but rather the place where the table is located. Your guests will therefore not be in a hurry and will be happy to stay seated for an extra drink, thanks to the gas terrace heater.

Outdoor gas heating in your own garden

Infrared heating under roof is not only reserved for the catering industry. Because you can also benefit from the advantages of a gas heater under the roof in your own garden. Or choose a standing gas terrace heater, it is easy to move. Moreover, Deze takes up little space. The gas heating for outdoors is not only suitable for summer evenings. You can also use the gas heater for the terrace during a winter barbecue. The gas terrace heater is also virtually silent. So you can benefit from the pleasant warmth in peace, without being bothered by disturbing noises.

An extensive range of gas patioheaters

Buying a gas heater at Wardenaar guarantees that you have a large choice of different options. For example, you can get gas terrace heating that is suitable for hanging under a parasol. Especially if you have an open terrace, without a roof, this is a nice solution. This gas patio heater can be operated manually or electrically and has a radiation of three hundred and sixty degrees all around. In addition, a gas-powered device emits almost a light. This gives a quiet view on the terrace. People feel the heat, but do not see the source from which it comes. You can easily hang this gas outdoor heating on the roof. Or, if desired, on the wall of the catering building or your house.

Take advantage of the advantages of a gas patio heater

In addition to the fact that an outdoor heating on gas guarantees heat, there are even more advantages to an infrared terrace heating on gas. Especially if you professionally choose this solution to heat your terrace. You benefit from the fast warm-up time, which can result in energy savings of 60% compared to traditional patio heating. In addition, the advantage is that infrared heating does not move dust particles. Your guests will therefore not suffer from any air circulation.

At Wardenaar we are happy to inform you about the possibilities and applications of professional terrace heating on gas. Think also of the possibility to qualify for the Energy Investment Deduction. Therefore,   please contact us and ask your questions. We are happy to help you.


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Alke PH8 EID2G 4 x 3 KW G20

Alke PH8 EID2G 4 x 3 KW G20

Placement: Outside (patio heating)
Power: 10,2kW
Gas: Natural gas | Propane gas