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On many terraces of private individuals, restaurants, cafes and other catering establishments, they are now part of the familiar street scene. We have a solution for every situation.

Patio heating is a means that can increase the turnover of your catering establishment. Nowadays sustainable business is an advantage, but your customers want to sit on a heated terrace. After all, living outside is hot.

The new standard is smart patio heating. This patio heater is equipped with several small elements.
A heating element has the highest efficiency when it is 100% on. Dimming a heating element always results in poor efficiency and energy wastage.

We have also developed appliances that do not emit light, but do provide the desired heat. For if you want to maintain the atmosphere on your terrace.

Advantages of smart patio heaters:

  • Control per element with motion detector.

  • Control per element at outside temperature

  • Control via App on tablet, telephone or cash register system.

  • If you sit down as a customer, the radiator switches on at 33%, 66% or 100%. This depends on the type of scheme.

  • Smart controls for gas or electric patio heaters or combined.

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