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Infrared heating for the ceiling

Infrared heating for the ceiling

Infrared heating allows you to heat your home efficiently and energy-efficiently. But what do you choose if you are going to purchase infrared heating? A common solution is to attach the infrared heater to the ceiling. We are happy to tell you why this is a profitable and sustainable solution.

Why choose infrared ceiling heating

With infrared heating you heat up the desired room in an energy efficient way. You heat up objects or people in the vicinity of the heating panel in a very targeted way. If you install infrared heating on the ceiling, you will take full advantage of the power of this electric ceiling heater. At a height between two and a half and three meters, the radiant heat comes into its own best. Most standard living spaces are no higher than three meters. An IR panel in the ceiling is therefore a very suitable way to heat a home.

The advantages of infrared in the ceiling

With ceiling heating panels you save considerably in energy costs. This is partly because the heating time of an infrared heater is short. So you only turn on the heating when you actually enter the room. You are free to determine the place where the panels hang. In addition, you are not bound to the space you have on the walls. Also furniture does not have to be moved if you hang the panels on the ceiling. In addition, you have optimal results from the heat output.

A cost-effective solution for your home

Compared to other ways of electric heating, infrared heating for the ceiling is an energy-efficient solution. The room heats up faster because you do not heat the air. You heat the objects or persons that are in the immediate vicinity of the infrared heater in the ceiling. This means that you yourself have a more comfortable feeling and therefore have to turn the heating up less or keep it on for less time. In addition, for example, the sofa will absorb the heat and radiate it, which also contributes to a higher temperature in the room. This way you can save energy. Even if you use the infrared panel for the ceiling as additional heating to your central heating.

Infrared heating on the ceiling or wall?

By attaching the infrared heater to the ceiling, the room is heated more efficiently. The best place to place the panel is therefore on the ceiling. As a result, the rays have the largest range. In addition, infrared heating panels also heat up. If they hang from the ceiling, you don't run the risk of accidentally touching them.

Where can you apply infrared ceiling heating?

In principle, you can place infrared heating for the ceiling wherever you have an electricity connection. This means that you have many options with this way of heating. So whether you are looking for an additional or self-contained heater in the living room, bedroom or bathroom, you will solve this with ceiling heating panels. With the ir panel in the ceiling of the bedroom, keep in mind that the panel does not hang directly above the headboard.

You can not only heat your home with infrared ceiling heating. You can also easily heat outbuildings such as the conservatory or the barn, where there is often no connection for central heating. Are you looking for an energy-efficient solution to heat your office space? Then ceiling heating panels are also suitable for this.

How to fix ceiling infrared heating?

The infrared panels can be attached to the ceiling in different ways. The installation depends, among other things, on the type of ceiling you have and whether you are going to renovate, for example. When renovating, you can have the ceiling heating panels installed directly. Do you have no options in your home to install the heating? That's no problem! You can also attach the panels to the ceiling with a chain. The heat panels for the ceiling are available in different colours, so you can match them to the colour of your interior or the colour of your ceiling. In addition, you have the choice of infrared heating for the ceiling with lighting, where you can see the warm red glow or infrared ceiling heating without a glow.

The best infrared ceiling heating can be found at Wardenaar

Do you want to know what the possibilities of infrared heating in the ceiling are for you? Please contact Wardenaar. We are happy to give you advice and answer all your questions.