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Infrared heating has been used for many years in agriculture and animal husbandry. Our worldwide unique agricultural heaters offer you a number of advantages over conventional heating.


Gas heating products for the poultry.
More than 1.6 million Alke gas-fired infrared devices have already found their way to more than 90 countries worldwide. This sets us apart from the competition and we can call ourselves the “professionals” in this industry.

An optimal living environment is essential for poultry. Especially the first days of growth lay the foundation for the further development of the animals. Research has shown that the use of infrared heating promotes the growth of the young animals. All this is caused by the direct radiant heat on the animals. This radiation can be compared to the heat of the sun.

Home Hatching, the egg of Columbus
"Home Hatching". Back to basic. Eggs are hatched in the barn so no dragging and much less stress. A chick that hatches early and is ready jumps off the screen and can immediately find food and drink in the barn. The infrared heaters are programmed in such a way that they heat all eggs, around which the normal house temperature prevails. The latest technology is used to control the infrared heaters. The INELLS control panel, which consists of a touchscreen, clearly shows how the temperatures are under the heaters and therefore above the eggs. When the heaters hang above the eggs, they can be controlled individually by the computer.

When the eggs hatch and the stoves hang on the roof after winching, they are centrally controlled by the computer for space heating. Raising and lowering the heaters is possible thanks to the specially developed winch system. The stove rolls itself up electrically with this system on a 1 tube, this allows for an infinitely adjustable height of the stove.

The biggest advantages of Home Hatching:

  • Higher hatching of the eggs.

  • Better growth of the chick.

  • Less use of antibiotics.

  • The investment is recouped for 3 to 4 years.


Infrared has been used for many years in livestock farming, including pig farming. Our infrared heating does not affect the relative humidity. This helps to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs. The infrared does not emit light, so that the biorhythm of the animals is not disturbed.

Infrared radiation is also used by physiotherapists during treatments. It is relaxing for the body. This works the same in the piglets, where an anti-inflammatory effect has been demonstrated. The infrared radiation penetrates a few millimeters into the skin. It improves blood circulation and improves blood circulation in the muscle tissue. In practice it can be seen that the piglets have a fresher appearance in terms of color. The sow is not heated by the targeted creation of a microclimate. The milk separation from the sows appears to be better and the animals become calmer. As a result, there are no diarrhea complaints, which is often the main cause of deaths in piglets. The use of less medication also ensures that the piglets have better health.

Advantages of smart agricultural heating:

  • Control per element with motion detector.

  • Control per element at outside temperature.

  • Control via App on tablet, telephone or building management system.

  • Smart controls for gas or electric infrared heating or combined. 

Your advantages gas-fired infrared heating:

  • Low investment costs.

  • Fast and efficient warm-up time.

  • No air movement and whisper quiet operation of all devices.

  • Zone heating possible without walls. • EIA (Energy Investment Deduction) subsidy possible !!

  • 50% less CO² emissions than with conventional heating.

  • 60% energy savings compared to conventional heating. 

Your advantages with electric infrared heating:

  • Fast heating time.

  • No air movement and whisper quiet operation of all devices.

  • Zone heating possible without walls.

  • Energy compensation with solar panels or wind energy.

Infrared benefits for animal welfare:
Infrared waves have special regenerative effects. When a cell or tissue is exposed to waves between 6 and 14 microns of infrared heat, the reaction mechanism is optimized. This ensures that the body's own healing is optimally stimulated.

Widening of blood and capillaries, enhancing large flow of rich oxygen and rich blood to the muscles and joints. Due to no air movement during heating, there is also little dust in the oxygen, so better air quality. It improves flow within the lymphatic system and helps to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Reducing muscle spasms and promoting the healing of injured and painful muscle fibers (less risk of inflammation due to less movement).

In summary, we can say that the use of our long-wave infrared heat panels and infrared gas heaters provides significant improvements for both the animals and the keeper.

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