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U wilt dat uw klanten een aangename temperatuur ervaren zodat zij zich direct welkom voelen in uw winkel. Ook voor uw personeel is een juiste temperatuur van groot belang. Helaas kan de temperatuur flink dalen door de continue in- en uitloop van klanten. Door te kiezen voor infraroodverwarming in uw winkelpand voorkomt u dit probleem.

Today, energy saving is part of doing business. Companies and organizations see the benefits of energy-efficient business operations. And that is not surprising, because energy saving is good for competitiveness. Investments in energy-saving measures often yield substantial cost savings.

In addition, there is an energy-saving obligation according to the Environmental Management Activities Decree, which obliges companies and institutions (establishments) that consume from 50,000 kWh of electricity or 25,000 m³ of natural gas (equivalent) per year to take all energy-saving measures with a payback period of five years or less

The use of renewable energy, such as solar or wind energy, does not count as an energy-saving measure. Energy saving is about preventing or reducing energy consumption.

For the energy saving obligation it concerns, for example, the application of energy-saving techniques, such as insulation or the application of infrared heating, which you must demonstrate by calculations using the NTA8800 standard. These are measures that reduce the consumption of kWh electricity and / or m3 natural gas (equivalents).

By means of infrared heating with smart controls, there is a suitable solution for every retail space, regardless of the layout and use of the store. With full retail heating, the infrared technology can save 50% energy compared to conventional heating with a payback period of two years.

Advantages of smart store heating:

  • Control per element with motion detector.

  • Control per element at outside temperature.

  • Control via App on tablet, telephone or building management system.

  • Smart controls for gas or electric infrared heating or combined

Your advantages gas-fired infrared heating:

  • Low investment costs.

  • Payback period two to three years.

  • Fast and efficient warm-up time.

  • No air movement and whisper quiet operation of all devices.

  • Zone heating possible without walls.

  • EIA (Energy Investment Deduction) subsidy possible !!

  • 50% less CO² emissions than with conventional heating.

  • 60% energy savings compared to conventional heating.

Your advantages with electric infrared heating:

  • Fast heating time.

  • No air movement and whisper quiet operation of all devices.

  • Zone heating possible without walls.

  • Energy compensation with solar panels or wind energy.

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