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If desired, it is possible to get free advice from one of our skilled employees. You send an email via our quote request form, after which one of our employees will contact you to discuss the project. After this intake, it is possible, if necessary, to have a recording made on location with one of our expert specialists. After these steps, we will make an offer for you to supply the appliances, if desired, including assembly, installation of gas and or electrical installation.

Our showroom is located in Zwaagdijk-Oost. Here you can view our models and experience and compare almost all devices working. Our skilled employees can provide you with sound advice. It is recommended to bring a construction drawing, sketch and possibly photos of the terrace or the space you want to heat. The devices are also 99% available from stock.

Our customers include catering entrepreneurs, installers, internet shops, specialist dealers, SMEs and prominent international companies.