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Uw woning verwarmen kan op veel verschillende manieren. We kennen allemaal de traditionele radiatoren en de daarbij horende centrale verwarmingsketel. Of misschien hebt u een gaskachel in huis. Wilt u uw woning duurzaam verwarmen? Dan is infraroodverwarming dé oplossing.

With full heating of your home, we can make an energy cost overview for you. You will immediately see that infrared heating or a heat pump in a home is not always an energy-responsible choice. The choice depends on the user requirements and insulation of the house. In addition, a calculation must take place according to the NTA 8800 standard. What you really need to install in heating depends on many factors, because it is not possible to say 50 w / m², since every situation is different. Heating one room with infrared heating, for example a study room or an attic room, is technically very interesting from an energy perspective. Since it is possible to heat the room with smart controls only if it is actually used.

If you want to know more about heating a home, please contact us for honest advice.

Advantages of smart home heating:

  • Control per element with motion detector.

  • Control per element at outside temperature.

  • Control via App on tablet, telephone or building management system.

  • Smart controls for gas or electric infrared heating or combined.

Your benefits with electric infrared heating:

  • Fast heating time.

  • No air movement and whisper quiet operation of all devices.

  • Zone heating possible without walls.

  • Energy compensation with solar panels or wind energy.

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