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JLF DIM 1500, 5-position, IP55, 2 cable glands, dimmer

The JLF DIM 1500 is suitable for a connection voltage of 230 / 240VAC, 50Hz and waterproof (IP55).
An earth leakage circuit breaker is recommended for installation in damp environments.

Ferrules are recommended when flexible conductors are used. This device must be earthed !!

Switching steps: off, low, medium, high and full.
Weight: 500 grams
Dimensions: 130x95x55mm, excluding swivels
Connection terminal: 2.5 mm2 maximum
Mounting holes: 4x 3.5mm (center 97x82mm)
Cable glands: M16x1.5 maximum 9mm cable

Article no. 22148
Brand JLF Products