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Propane hose set 1 meter incl. 2x hose clamp

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This set of JLF consists of a propane gas hose and two hose clamps with which you can mount it. The length of the hose is 100 cm, 200 cm, 300 cm or 500 cm and it is made of PVC. This product can handle an operating pressure of up to 20 bar and an operating temperature of -30 ° C to 80 ° C. The two hose clamps have a worm screw of 11-16 mm. This connects the hose to your installation. The propane hose has an inner diameter of 8 mm. Please note that gas hoses are sensitive to UV light. This can cause gas hoses to be replaced more often outside. Make sure the hose is in a smooth bend. If he makes a too tight turn, he can crack.

Most important features
• Maximum working pressure: 20 bar
• Inner diameter: 8 mm • Material: PVC
• Length: 100 cm, 200 cm, 300 cm and 500 cm
• Check your gas hose

For your safety, it is important to check your gas hose annually. You do this by bending the hose and pulling it tight. Do cracks appear? Then he needs to be replaced. In general, low-pressure hoses must be replaced every three years and high-pressure hoses every five years. The gas hose is marked with the date on which the gas hose was made, so that you can see how long the hose has lasted. When you connect the new gas hose, you can check if there is any leakage with a little water and washing-up liquid. If bubbles arise, there is a leak at the connection. Make sure this is corrected before you use your gas installation.

Remember that safety is always paramount. The gas hose must be connected by an experienced technician and must be checked for leak-tightness before using your gas installation.

Article no. 23360
EAN code 8712757000227
Gas type Propane G31 - 50mbar
Size 1000 mm
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