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Gas patio heating at a Brewery

Brouwerij 't IJ has been brewing unique Amsterdam specialty beer since 1985. Musician Kasper Peterson founded the company after he became acquainted with the Belgian beer styles. As a member of the band Door Mekaar, he regularly performed in Belgium and developed an above-average interest in the beer of the southern neighbors. Because similar specialty beer was hardly brewed in the Netherlands, he decided to do it himself.

The beer he initially brewed in a squat quickly caught on. Looking for a larger location, he came across the vacant Municipal Bathhouse Funen. A building with an extensive water supply and drainage system and a steam generator, making it ideal for brewing. Adjoining mill De Gooyer is not part of the building but has served as the ultimate striking landmark since the beginning. Not long after brewing began, the bathhouse also had its own tasting room and terrace.

The terrace heated terrace with 4 Alke gas radiators grew into a popular meeting place for Amsterdammers and the beer also started to make a name for itself outside the capital. Brouwerij 't IJ grew and brewed more and more different beers.

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