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Mobile heating gas

Alke Europa heater, red tripod, complete incl. 2 meter gas hose and reduce 50mbar

The Europe infrared heater has a capacity between 2.4 and 4.0 kW. It is a heater suitable for covered outdoor spaces.
The heater is mounted on a red tripod and includes a 2 meter propane hose with hose clamps and a 50mbar reduction.

The Europa heater produces radiant heat, similar to the solar radiation. It has a lower capacity than the industrial ceramic heaters.

Why choose the Europa 2.40 - 4.00 KW heater?
• Easy to transport
• Does not take up much space
• Can be used successfully for camping and picnics
• Produces pleasant warmth, similar to the sun's rays
• High efficiency
• Environmentally friendly

Canopies, stadiums, theme parks, tourist attractions, market stands, camping, picnic

Article no. 21611
Placement Indoor / Outdoor
Power 2,4 - 4,0kW
Gas Propane gas
Gas type Propane G31 - 50mbar
Surface outside Up to 5m²
Heat source Gas
Control TE (manual ignition)
Color Aluminized steel
Brand Alke
Assembly Standing
Size Between 0 and 50cm
Wave Short wave infrared