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RF receivers and transmittors

Elko EP RF Key 4 channel remote control, key ring white

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4-channel controller - key ring black or white
Keychain for operating switchers and dimmers (lights, gates, shutters ...)

• 4 buttons can control four units independently of each other.
• Based on an impulse (a button), these switches can send a radio signal to the receiver.
• The option for commands - by pressing, you can control more iNELS RF control units.
• Designed in white and black with a laser printer.

• Including battery (3V / CR2032), the battery life is around 5 years, depending on the frequency of use.
• Range up to 200 meters (open space), in case of insufficient signal between controller and unit, use the signal repeater - RFRP-20.
• Communication frequency (868 MHz, 866 MHz, 916 MHz, 922 MHz) with 2-way protocol RFIO or RFIO2.
• RFIO2 is an innovative iNELS RF wireless communication control protocol, which brings you more stability and eliminates signal collision between individual components.

Article no. 28594
EAN code 8595188143332
Color White
Brand Elko Ep