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Elko EP RFSA-11B on / off actuator

Switch actor for wireless network traffic (single / multi - function) - RFSA-11B, RFSA-61B
Switch actuator with 1 output channel for switching household appliances, sockets, lights or controlling garage doors or gates.

• Switch actuator can be controlled by Pilot remote control with up to 32 channels or key (1 channel represents a button on the controller).
• It is possible to combine with Controllers or units of the iNELS RF control system.

• AC 230V, AC 120V or AC / DC 12-24V power supply.
• Range up to 200 meters (open space), in case of insufficient signal between controller and unit, use the signal repeater - RFRP-20.
• Contact output: 1 x 16A circuit (AgSnO2, 4000 VA / AC1)
• Communication frequency (868 MHz, 866 MHz, 916 MHz, 922 MHz) with 2-way protocol RFIO or RFIO2.
• RFIO2 is an innovative iNELS RF wireless communication control protocol, which brings you more stability and eliminates signal collision between individual components.
• Can be mounted in a cable / junction box.
• Potential free switching contact.

Article no. 22677
EAN code 8595188136839
Color White
Brand Elko Ep