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Elko EP Smart RF eLAN-RF-003

Smart RF unit eLAN-RF-003
The Smart RF unit can be used to control electrical installation via Smartphone, tablet or Smart TV

• Sends and receives commands from up to 40 units, processes automatic control programs (the installation can be gradually expanded from 1 unit of iNELS RF control).
• The Smart RF unit is connected to the network (router) via LAN cable, and communicates with e.g. a Smartphone - the intuitive application offers centralized control from one place.

• Checking hot water or electric floor heating
• Temperature measurements by wireless sensors
• Total operation of garage door, shutters, blinds, fans, heaters
• Dimming light (LED, energy saving, halogen or incandescent lamps)
• Switching the time off (after no movement has been detected for the selected time delay, switching off the lights)
• Camera integration
• Scenes
• The application is also suitable for tablets up to size 7 "

• Switch devices
• Light dimming
• Scene options

SMART TV functions:
• Every TV with integrated web browser compatible
• The control interface is intuitive and by inserting a photo of the floor plan into the background, placing icons in the room provides an overview of the device's controls
• The icon to be switched by the components turns green
• Functionality: switching ON / OFF, automatic timming, dimming, scenes, heating by temperature indication (the change happens directly in the smartphone app), cameras (photo or live data stream if supported by the web browser of a SMART TV)

• AC 230V or DC 12V power supply
• Range up to 100 m (in the open air), in case of an insufficient signal between smart RF please use the box and unit the signal repeater - RFRP-20
• Communication frequency (868 MHz, 866 MHz, 916 MHz, 922 MHz) with bidirectional protocol RFIO or RFIO2.
• RFIO2 is an innovative iNELS RF wireless communication control protocol, which brings you more stability and eliminates signal collision between individual components
• Communication interface, IP address automatic DHCP / strong

Article no. 23438
EAN code 8595188146845
Color White
Brand Elko Ep