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Elko EP TEV-2 thermostat

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TEV-2 thermostat
• Single thermostat with possibility for temperature management in adjustable range (it is possible to adjust this range or to make a special thermostat on request)
• It is used to control heating (or cooling) in demanding environments (outdoors, humidity, dustiness, etc.)
• The thermostat is placed in a watertight box with IP65, which allows installation outside, with built-in sensor TC-0
• TEV-2 - control and indication elements are on the thermostat
• TEV-3 - control and indication elements are on the thermostat (for easy orientation and frequent change of temperature)
• Thermostat status is indicated with LED (2 colors)
• Function of monitoring disconnection of the sensor and short circuit
• ° changeover contact 16A (AC-1)

Article no. 28595
EAN code 8595188129251
Color White
Brand Elko Ep