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Churchheating electrical

EnergoLine EL 200 white RAL 9010 low temperature panel

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The Energoline is a 3.5 cm thick low temperature panel with heating element. The elegant slimline offers a comfortable and soft warmth. It has been specially developed for bank heating but can also be used as ceiling heating.

Device size (lxwxh):
150W: 1000 x 210 x 35 mm
220W: 1480 x 210 x 35 mm

• IP44 splash proof
• No light
• Soft warmth
• Can be combined with various switching options
• Available in 2 different wattages; 150 and 220W

Churches, waiting rooms, sports halls

Article no. 22295
Placement Inside (space heating)
Light type No Glare (no light)
Voltage 230VAC
Power 150W
Surface indoor Up to 10m²
Heat source Electricity
Color RAL 9010 White
Brand Energotech
Assembly Bench (church) mounting
Size Between 100 and 125cm
Wave Long wave infrared
Other LT (lowtemperature)