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Infresco 0-10 volt home automation dimmer 4000W

Infresco 0-10 volt dimmer.
Can be connected to a home automation system. The dimmer is for universal use. The emitters can be dimmed continuously. Dimming up to 4000W. Equipped with mains filter.

• Control signal range (min.): 0 - 5V dc
• Range of control signal (max.): 0-25V dc
• Resistance signal input: 5000 Ohm ± 20%
• Current: 17A
• Manual potentiometer: 2K, 5K or 10K
• Working temperature: 65 ° C operational
• Time constant soft start: 0-20 seconds
• Dimensions HxWxD: 150x90x90mm without cable glands and flanges.

Article no. 23476
Voltage 230VAC
Power 4000W
Brand Infresco
Assembly Surface-Mounted