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JLF Desk 150W with cord dimmer

The JLF Buro 150W is the perfect solution for local additional heating! The highest efficiency is achieved by mounting the plate flat against the underside of a sofa, counter, desk, desk or equivalent.

The construction should only be suitable for a maximum temperature of 60 degrees. The panel itself can be up to 80 degrees on the visible side. The temperature can be adjusted by means of the dimmer / thermostat.

The JLF Products heating plates are equipped with a thin glass fiber housing with a special Infrared Carbon heating element incorporated therein. Of course a compact high-quality insulation is used to generate as little heating loss as possible on the underside.

Article no. 22798
EAN code 8719638213882
Placement Inside (space heating)
Light type No Glare (no light)
Power 150W
Surface indoor 0 - 5m²
Energy vector Electricity
Color RAL 9005 Black
Brand JLF Products
Assembly Wall / desk mounting
Size 60cm
Weight 2,00 kg
Wave Long wave infrared
Other LT (lowtemperature)