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RF receivers and transmittors

JLF wireless switch set plug & play with 2 switched WCD'S for electrical equipment

This is a complete switch set for wireless control of your electric heater(s). The metal box contains a professional programmable actor which is controlled with the supplied remote control.

This set is plug & play, you plug the plug into the socket and the plug(s) of the heater(s) into the box and everything is ready for use.

The remote control is programmed by us on the switching actuator.

The wireless switch set consists of:
• Professional programmable actor 16A
• Metal box with cable gland
• Plug with 1.5 meter cord
• IP value: 67
• Remote control
• Dimensions: 160x100x60 mm

This RF equipment is of professional quality, this is not compatible with Click on / Click off. The frequencies are many times higher.

Article no. 23036
Color RAL 9005 Black
Brand JLF Products