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Terraceheating no glare

MOEL Blacklight 7818SD high temperature panel

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The Mo-El Blacklight and Mo-El Blacklight DIM is the sleek model of MO-EL without light. Equipped with high-quality aluminum slats.

Device dimensions (lxwxd) in mm:
1500W: 1022 x 217 x 53
2400W: 1478 x 217 x 53
3200W: 1882 x 217 x 53

1500W DIM: 1185 x 217 x 53
1800W DIM: 1335 x 217 x 53
2400W DIM: 1641 x 217 x 53
3200W DIM: 2045 x 217 x 53

• No light
• Ideal for connecting to thermostat
• Optionally available with dimmer and remote control
• Available in various wattages; 1500, 1800, 2400 and 3200W

Conservatory, Bar, Cafés, Restaurants, Shaded terraces, Construction, Industry, Garage, Marquees, Rental, Workplaces

Ideal for indoor heating applications.

The Blacklight comes standard with a tiltable mounting bracket for ceiling and wall mounting.

Article no. 22866
EAN code 8010114781841
Placement Inside (space heating)
Light type No Glare (no light)
Power 1800W dimmable with remote control
Surface indoor 0 - 5m²
Heat source Electricity
Control Standard with remote controle
Color Silver
Brand Mo-El
Assembly Wall / ceiling mounting
Size Between 125 and 150cm
Wave Mid wave infrared
Other HT (hightemperature)