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Tansun Apollo A3E290 IP55

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The Apollo A3E is the high 6 lamp industrial model heater from Tansun, executed with Dr. Fischer Low Glare lamp. Connected to a 3-phase group.
Device dimensions (lxwxd): 857 x 663 x 110 mm

• Heating of larger surfaces
• Higher hanging options
• Available with IP value and NON IP value
• Can be combined with various dimming and switching options
• Available in different wattages and also with Ultra Low Glare lamps (optional order item)

Construction, Industry, Churches, Garage, Party tents, Rental, Workplaces.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor heating applications.

The Apollo A3E comes standard with a wall mounting bracket. Grids available separately (optional).

Article no. 23166
Placement Indoor / Outdoor
Light type Low Glare
Voltage 400VAC
Power 9000W
Surface outside 75 - 80m²
Surface indoor Up to 360m²
Heat source Electricity
Color RAL 9005 Black
Brand Tansun
Assembly Wall / ceiling mounting
Size Between 75 and 100cm
Wave Short wave infrared



 Apollo suspension bracket

Apollo suspension bracket

Color: RAL 9005 Black
Assembly: Wall / ceiling mounting
€ 20,00
 Dr. Fisher low glare 1,5KW lamp

Dr. Fisher low glare 1,5KW lamp

Light type: Low Glare
Voltage: 230VAC
Power: 1500W
€ 55,30

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