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Victory HLW45B black RAL 9004 Goldlamp patio heater

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Condition: New

Amount: 1 pcs.

HLW Infrared heaters provide a safe and efficient heat source for a wide variety of applications. Available with an IP55 or IP66 rating, these are ideal for any outdoor situations. With a range of styles, colours, lamp options and wattages available, there is an HLW model to suit every application. With a long lamp life, low running costs and minimal energy wastage, they offer one of the most cost effective heating solutions on the market.

Technical data:
• Heating capacity - 4500W
• Lamp type - Gold
• Housing color - Black
• Protection degree - IP55
• Power supply - 400 VAC
• Dimensions (cm) - 1400x12x12
• Weight - 4.5 kg
• The minimum mounting height - 2.4 m
• Power cable - not included
• Manufacturer - Victory Lighting


Article no. 22377
Placement Indoor / Outdoor
Light type Goldlamp
Voltage 400VAC
Power 4500W - 400VAC
Surface outside 20 - 25m²
Surface indoor Up to 120m²
Heat source Electricity
Color Black
Brand Victory
Assembly Wall / ceiling mounting
Size Between 125 and 150cm
Wave Short wave infrared